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Sales alternators

We have been the official sales and service point for Mecc Alte alternators in Belgium since 1999. We look at your project with you and then look for the right alternator for the job. At very competitive prices, too. We are also able to deliver most common spare parts from stock (such as SR7 – UVR – DSR – DER controls – diode bridges – exciters, etc.).

Mecc Alte provides a wide range of generators and has the right generator for every branch of industry.

Industrial generators

Mecc Alte industrial generatorMecc Alte also has a wide range of generators, able to supply the right unit for every industrial application. Mecc Alte industrial generators are available up to 2500 kVA.

Marine generators

Mecc Alte marine generatorThere is a wide range of options for protecting these generators against various external influences, such as seawater. Industrial generators are given a special treatment for this. Also available up to 2500 Kva. The 400 Hz generators meet the very specific and high requirements of the aircraft industry.

PTO generators

Mecc Alte PTO generatorA PTO generator provides an outstanding solution in the event of a power cut. Or if the required electrical power is limited. For example in the farming sector, a tractor can provide the drive needed. These generators are available up to 85 kVA.

Railway and 400 Hz generators

Mecc Alte railway and 400 Hz generatorenMecc Alte generators are also used for trains, with solutions up to 3000 kVA. Available in both variable-speed and DC versions.

As you would expect, we also sell and repair other makes of alternator, including Stamford, Leray Somer, Marelli and others.