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Sales drum motors

We have been the sales and service point for Procon drum motors in Belgium for a number of years now. These high-quality drum motors invariably offer a good alternative for other makes.

Procon drum motors are used in locations where strict hygiene requirements apply. In particular the food-processing industry is constantly striving for maximum food safety, sustainability and ideal cleaning methods.
Procon drum motors meet these needs and contain no oil. As a result of their unique construction, which includes food-approved lubricants contained in the enclosed gear housing and the use of high-performance greasing, these drum motors generate a very high output.
Procon has a tailored solution for every requirement!

We also sell, repair and rewind other makes.

Drive units for pallet conveyors and everything runs smoothly

procon for pallet conveyorsThe Procon Palletdrive is the most robust of its kind. Its compact installation makes it highly suitable for use in applications such as pallet lifts, angled pick-and-pack systems, turntables, etc. The drive unit is incorporated into the roller and so takes up no extra space. This makes it the most compact drive unit imaginable. And with its diameter of 89 mm, it is very easy to include it as part of an existing design, because this is a standard size. Available in galvanised and RVS finish.

Toothed belts… including narrow belts!

procon toothed beltsToothed belts are often used on account of their precision because there is no slippage. Procon is able to build in a brake and/or encoder into its drum motors so that goods can be positioned precisely exact on a conveyor without having to implement expensive servo techniques. When combined with a device such as a frequency converter, a product can be placed very precisely in a specific position.

Something extra? Sprockets!

procon sprocketsBecause of they are easy to clean and have hygienic properties, plastic link belts and belts with profiled underside (known as Positive Drive belts) are used a great deal in the food industry.

Brush rollers, quick and clean

procon brush rollersBrush drives are a typical application where a drum motor comes into its own. It is a very compact drive to build in, with all of the moving parts contained within the brush. No maintenance required and low noise. Hygienic and reliable in dusty or damp conditions.