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Why is balancing important?
Why do some machines make more noise than others? Why does a car's steering wheel vibrate at certain speeds? Because something is out of balance – an occurrence that is often underestimated. When rotating, this unevenness of the mass generates centrifugal forces, vibration and noise. This may occur increasingly at higher revs and become unpleasant. Bearings and other parts are sensitive when this happens and if the motor is out of balance, it can lead to faster wear and even an early terminal breakdown.

There are solutions for this, of course. For instance, our modern SCHENCK balancing machine indicates exactly where and how the imbalance can be eliminated.
We can rebalance fans, turbines, rotors, shafts, etc. with a diameter smaller than 2000 mm, a length up to 3500 mm and weighing up to 600 kg to a degree of accuracy of G1. And if a machine is dirty, it first goes through our blasting department.
For example as a result of the synergy between our various activities, you can ask us to overhaul the electrics of an entire fan unit, including motor and housing, as well as blast and restore the frame and balance the fan. And, because it all happens in the same place, you save a great deal on transport costs.