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Looking for the right partner for all your motor reducers? Then you've come to the right place with us. SEW parts are usually available from stock – and at very competitive prices. We also supply other makes, such as Leroy Somer, Nord, Bauer, Lenze, Siti and ABM, etc. on excellent terms.
Our specialist will be happy to tell you what the best reduction is for your specific production process or application. If you wish, we will come to you to look at the project and discuss the requirements with you. We are your partner for upgrading existing arrangements and carrying out any adjustments you may want.

AC electric motors

We have IEC electric motors up to 30 Kw in stock. But we can supply and deliver more powerful motors up to 200 Kw the same day or a day later – depending on the specifications of your electric motor.
Our great strength is that we are NOT tied to any particular make or brand, which enables us always to offer the best price/quality ratio.

We have been distributors for the ABB range since 2011 and our stock is now supplemented by ABB motors. But you can always opt for an alternative make, which we can also deliver from stock just as quickly.
You look and we'll find it for you! Whatever make or model, fitted with brake, extended shaft, built-in tacho, ip 65 – you name, it, you can count on us to supply it. If necessary, we will adjust the motor in our workshop. Special voltages are also no problem for us.

DC electric motors

This type of motor still has a significant share of the market. Applications include internal transport requirements or a starter motor for your trucks or older forklift.
We have exactly the right solution up our sleeve, both for industry and the automotive sector. And thanks to our many years of experience and extensive database, we are always able to come up with the right solution and the price to go with it.


We have a wide range of electrically powered fans, such as axial fans, turbine fans, vacuum blowers and so on.


When it comes to transformers, we are not restricted to standard voltages and can take them a step further. Want a customised transformer with a specific voltage or special dimensions? We'll supply it for you.


From the smallest submersible pumps to the biggest, special diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps and metering pumps: you want it – we'll find it for you.
Calpeda, Xylem, Grundfoss, KSB, Cubicon, Nocchi, Lowara, Zenith and others.
We know every make of pump there is!